Our Service

FIMI Service is able to provide Customer assistance through the following services:

  • Installation of industrial plant and start-up.
  • Industrial plant assigned employees training.
  • After-sales service with spare parts supply.
  • Eventual intervention directly in production.

In order to answer to the growing inquiry of assistance from Customers, we have created a Service structure which can manage 360° the work on site or at Customer site.
Our intervention teams have at their disposal means equipped as mobile workshop, completely independent, in order to make all needed interventions in every side of Italy and abroad.
The teams are composed by expertise maintenance workers trained by years of works, inside the workshop.

Reliability, promptness and service plenitude, allowed FIMI’s service to become a reference for companies like Tenaris and Ilva Group in a short time.

Modernization and increasing performance

More and more requests need adaptations for long-lasting production lines. Coil weight increases, dimension improvements, performance increases and reducing of non-productive time are just some adjustments for the companies in the future.
The installation of powerful measuring devices or modern actuators improve the quality and increase the performance. The replacement of obsolete components ensures the supply of spare parts.
Frequently, this requires deep intervention in machine and in system design.
FIMI GmbH can realize, with its experiences, modernizations in fields of design and execution.

Repositioning of machines and entire systems are carried out in terms of technology and scheduling according to exactly pre-planned processes.
Machines, pipe and cable connections are carefully marked and recorded before their disassembly.
Disassembly without damages, correct loading, safe transport as well as protected packaging and storage facilitate a trouble-free re-erection and commissioning.
FIMI GmbH process the executive side of the necessary and technical changes for machines or lines and then we make the necessary new parts. In addition to the mechanical and electrical assembly task, we make the implementation engineering in the form of e.g. the creation of technical foundation plans.
If the rebuilding is scheduled at a later time, if required, the lines or the machines can be unpacked or stored in protective packaging for longer periods.
With the lines or machines moving with the relevant logistics, it is possible to offer the complete activity of packaging for machines moving.

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