Our Workshop

The industrial complex located in Sprockhovel over an area of 2.000 sqm, is able to guarantee timeliness and efficiency in maintenance and intervention activities in Northern Europe.

The mechanical division is organized in the following departments:

  • Cutting and frst manufacture
  • Metal carpentry
  • Welding
  • Mechanics workshop
  • Assembling and dismantling
  • Test

Our Specialization

The production is set up for the machining and handling of large milling, turning and grinding parts.
Careful production planning and short distances ensure high fast processing.
Quality controls at all stages of the process ensure a high degree of accuracy without defects in ISO 9001 certified production.

» Boring machines up to 16 to piece weight and 2.500 mm workpiece length.
» Lathes up to Ø 1.700 mm and 800 mm workpiece length.
» Parallel lathes up to Ø 1.200 mm und 5.500 mm workpiece length.
» Vertical lathes Ø 1.100 mm workpiece length.
» Precision grinding machine up to Ø 1.100 mm und 2.500 mm workpiece length.
» Surface grinding machines, radial drilling machines.
» Key seating machines, slotters

The cutting shape is integrated by the applied shape. Various types of coatings can be applied with the help of spray-on and build-up welding processes.

New construction and modification, reset and repair of machines of the cold rolling industry:
uncoiler, recoiler, winders, dispensers, laying winder over and undercarriage, coil lifting devices, guillotine shear, straightening machines, slitting shear, scrap recoiler, scrap cutter, coil strips transport, coil tension and introduction devices, hydraulik devices for use on rolling mills, strip processing lines such as pickling, degreasing, annealing and coating systems as well as in the finishing of slitting lines and cut to length lines.

Elongation levelers, paint application devices, changing devices for rolls and cylinders, inlet and outlet guides of rolling mills, cooling lubricant removal on rolling mills.

Metallurgical wear and protective coatings for big components:
- our coating systems
  • Wolfram carbide
  • Ceramics
  • Alumina
  • Chromium
  • Cirkonoxyd
  • Aluminium-Bronze

- will improve your component properties by:
  • Greater surface hardness
  • Change in friction coefficient
  • Good emergency running properties
  • Increase in thermal capacity
  • Corrosion protection

In the production there are welding parts, machined milling, turning and grinding parts.
If desired, protective coatings are applied for wear or corrosion protection.

Controls in all production stages and certified processes guarantee a high quality standard.

In case of blades shafts of slitting shear, wire drawing cones, drums for cable drives or the grinding of slitting shears, all components go through several checks and must meet the high requirements of our quality control.

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